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Gareth is a fantastic chiropractor! I get adjusted regularly and always feel awesome afterwards. Thank you for keeping me in great shape 

Rebecca M.

Fantastic Chiropractor! Highly recommend.

Toby W.

Dr Gareth has been treating me over the least year, I’ve had amazing results including a lot of relief during my pregnancy. He also treated my little girl when she was just 4 days old and now we both go for regular check ups. I would highly recommend Gareth to anyone looking for a chiropractor that really knows his stuff but is still personable and professional!

Kate M.

Went to Gareth in a time of absolute agony just days before flying off on holiday. He fitted me in as an emergency and then after two visits and seeing his physio I was able to go on my holiday pain free! Very sympathetic and professional during the assessment and throughout treatment….. Dr. Gareth Ward comes highly recommended!

Sara M.
44 7340 637773